TempGuard - Remote temperature monitoring and alerting

Real-time temperature monitoring and alerting device

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Temperature monitoring and alerting made convenient

TempGuard is a GSM based device designed & developed exclusively for Pharmacies and Cold Storage Facilities for temperature monitoring and alerting when things of the limits. Our hardware-software solution eases the process of logging temperatures and alerts you when anomaly is detected.

AEBISS TempGuard device

Easy Customization

Alerting temperature range, notifcation phone number(s) or e-mails can be configured with ease through our dashboard.

Wide range monitoring

TempGuard is suited for monitoring temperature between -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F) with less than 0.5°C error.

Instant Alerting

Once temperature recorded falls out of the limit specified by the user, our device will alert the user via callSMS and email.

Temperature Recording

TempGuard monitors daily temperature and stores in cloud. Reading can be seen through the dashboard

AEBISS Tempguard dashboard
Switch between devices
Download data generated by device
Map view of all your devices and real-time temperature data
Real-time temperature information
Timeline filter to filter data for the chosen duration
Aggregate information for the chosen timeline

Dashboard to ease your daily tasks

With cloud data storage and IoT technology, our dashboard can display relevant information whenever and wherever
you want. Multiple TempGuard units can also be managed from one account using the dashboard.

AEBISS Tempguard dashboard

Real-time readings

Get the real-time temperature reading for all your devices

Monitor multiple devices

View activity of all your devices from a single place without having to change the page

Download data

Download data for any timeline by simply choosing the desired date range from the dashboard

Interact with your devices in real-time from dashboard

 Add New Devices

Add new devices to your collection by simply adding the device unique identifiers and the claim codes.

  Easy Device Management

Manage multiple devices and interact with the device from anywhere using the dashboard

  Profile Management

Edit the profile information by sliding the edit button in Profile tab

Tempguard Device management
TempGuard Support

 Instant Support Request

Easily request for the support without leaving the dashboard

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range -55°C  (-67°F) to 100°C (212°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C (-10°C to 85°C)
Waterproof Yes
Sensor Cable Length 1 m (Extendable)
Connectivity Cellular
Antenna High efficiency PC104 Penta-band
Power Supply Voltage Range 3.3 V to 12 V
Power Supply Adapter Micro-USB
Data Storage Built-in cloud storage
Data Access via online dashboard
Battery Life 1 – 3 Years depending on usage

Our Clients

TempGuard is implemented in more than 20 clinics under Ministry of Health in U.A.E for monitoring temperature of their refrigerators and alerting if the temperature goes above 8°C or below 2°C

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