Bringing innovative solutions to the region

Who we are

AEBISS is an Emirati innovative smart solution firm operating since 2016, we deal with robotic solutions primarily for homes offices, with emphasis on software and hardware. We conduct market research on the feasibility of product design. The product will then be designed and a prototype made to specification.

We bring deep local talent and we have access to a great pool of experts around the world across industries. We are agile and cost-effective to ensure efficiency and sustainability for our clients.

Services we provide:

Web and App Development

Customized cutting-edge applications on different platforms. Writing mark-up and coding for websites as well as web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services

Internet of Things

Automate, monitor and control appliances to increase productivity and make decisions backed by concrete data

Hardware development

Bespoke hardware design, development, manufacturing, and certification in addition to hardware programming services

Customized Backend Systems

Architect and develop custom backend applications leveraging technologies cutting edge like Blockchain, Microservices architecture and Containerization to process requests in a distributed fashion, eliminate trust issues, speed up tasks, eliminate redundancies and much more

Our Clients