Cafepal Order App

Take Orders

Mobile App to take orders

Use the mobile application to take orders from customers.

Easy Identification

Number plate is used to identify customers making it easy to deliver order to customers once ready.

Order Categories

Separate orders as drinks and foods, making it easier to distinguish between the orders.

Cafepal Order Monitoring

Order Monitoring

Intelligent order detection

New order get added to the list as they come.

Product Delivery Made Faster

Each order comes in two parts food orders and drink orders, so you can separate the order task into two, making the delivering even faster.

Order error detection made easier

Orders can be traced back to the person who placed the order.

Track completed orders

Completed Orders

Smart order completion detection

Completed order gets added to list without any user intervention.

View completed orders

Humans make mistake, don't we? Want to check a completed order? We got that covered for you.

View all activities in Cafepal

Monitor Activities

Take control of your system

View system-wide activities. Optimize the system to improve the performance.

View Top Employees

Assess the performance of employees.

See what's going on

View detailed log of all activities happening in the system.

View sales statistics

Sales Statistic

Sales performance of shop at your fingertip

View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales statistics of the shop.

Planning make things perfect

Plan kitchen crew based on the statistic to improve order taking efficiency.

Manage employees

User Management

Quickly add/remove employees to system

Easy access control, all with tap of a button.

Easy user management

Easy interface to change password.