AEBISS Aligns with Sustainability Goals: Showcasing Eco-Friendly Solutions at Chambers Meeting with UAE Minister of CCAE

AEBISS took a significant step towards sustainable innovation at the Chambers Meeting with the UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment in 2018. In the presence of H.E Thani Al Zeyoudi, AEBISS presented cutting-edge eco-friendly solutions aimed at advancing the UAE’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Among the showcased innovations was TAYAR, an IoT smart device designed to monitor electricity usage efficiently through a single device. This groundbreaking technology contributes to energy conservation and facilitates smarter electricity consumption.

Another noteworthy solution presented by AEBISS was WaveX, an electricity trading platform leveraging blockchain technology. This platform enables the seamless transfer of surplus energy from individuals producing renewable electricity, such as solar panels, to those in need at more cost-effective rates than traditional suppliers. The innovative use of blockchain ensures a smooth transition of both electricity and financial transactions, aligning with AEBISS’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

The engagement with the UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment marked a pivotal moment for AEBISS, showcasing its dedication to eco-friendly solutions and contributing to the nation’s efforts in building a sustainable and greener future.

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