AEBISS CEO Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi Engages in Sheraa Hub Launch Panel

AEBISS CEO Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi took part in an enriching panel discussion during the launch of Sheraa Hub, underscoring the pivotal role of the hub in the Sharjah economy and the broader vision of the country. Held at the heart of the American University of Sharjah, opposite the library, Sheraa Hub stands as an innovative ecosystem fostering a connection between the educational system and the labor market.

The launch marked a significant step forward, aligning with the UAE’s vision for diversification and creating value for the ecosystem. Sheraa Hub serves as a bridge for innovative students, providing a platform for them to contribute meaningfully to the country’s economic strategy.

Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi, in his panel participation, delved into the challenges faced by startups and emphasized how Sheraa Hub stands as a solution. He highlighted the importance of collaboration between accelerators, incubators, and entities with control over economic activities. Sheraa Hub, a non-profit initiative sponsored by Sheikha Bodour AlQasimi, plays a crucial role in bridging gaps in the market and enabling the startup ecosystem to thrive.

The discussion illuminated the integral role Sheraa Hub plays in supporting startups, fostering innovation, and contributing to the overall economic growth of the region.

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