AEBISS Explores European Tech Trends: Highlights from Web Summit Participation

AEBISS ventured into the heart of European innovation at Web Summit, gaining valuable insights into the latest technological trends across the European Union. As part of the UAE delegation supported by Sheraa, AEBISS embraced the opportunity to connect with the global tech community and position itself on the international stage.

During the event, AEBISS’s co-founder had a remarkable encounter with Tim Draper, further solidifying the company’s presence in influential circles. The meeting not only showcased AEBISS’s recognition on the international scene but also provided a platform to explore potential collaborations and partnerships with influential figures in the investment world.

Web Summit served as a pivotal experience for AEBISS, offering a glimpse into the forefront of European tech innovation and reinforcing its commitment to staying at the cutting edge of global technological advancements.

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