AEBISS Secures 2nd Place at SAP Expo 2020 Competition with Innovative Smart Solution

AEBISS made waves at the SAP Expo 2020 competition, where the AEBISS team showcased their ingenuity by addressing existing challenges and issues faced by Expo 2020. The competition proved to be a platform for innovation, and AEBISS emerged victorious, securing the 2nd place.

The highlight of AEBISS’s achievement was the development of a smart solution aimed at automating the purchasing process for Expo 2020. This groundbreaking digitization effort not only streamlined operations but also laid the foundation for comprehensive data collection and analysis, providing invaluable insights for decision-makers.

Securing 2nd place in the SAP Expo 2020 competition solidifies AEBISS’s position as a leader in developing innovative solutions for real-world challenges. The accomplishment reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to drive efficiency and contribute to the success of major events such as Expo 2020.

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