AEBISS Co-founder Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi Takes on Judging Role in Sheraa’s Incubator Program 2019

AEBISS CEO, Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi, showcased his expertise and industry knowledge as a distinguished judge in Sheraa’s Incubator Program 2019. Serving in a key role, Hashim contributed to the evaluation and selection process, identifying promising startups and entrepreneurs.

His participation in Sheraa’s Incubator Program underscored AEBISS’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the next generation of innovators. As a judge, Hashim brought a wealth of experience to the table, providing valuable insights that contributed to the program’s success.

The collaboration between AEBISS and Sheraa’s Incubator Program not only exemplified a commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent but also highlighted Hashim Alsharif Alzaabi’s dedication to shaping the future of the startup ecosystem through mentorship and guidance.

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