AEBISS Shines Internationally: Successful Debut at StartHack-Switzerland with Sheraa Support

AEBISS made its mark on the international stage with a remarkable debut at StartHack-Switzerland, marking the company’s first participation in an international competition. The journey was made possible with the invaluable support of Sheraa, opening doors for AEBISS to connect with entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Participating in StartHack-Switzerland proved to be a transformative experience for the AEBISS team. The competition not only provided a platform for showcasing innovation but also set a higher bar, challenging team members to exceed their expectations. The exposure to international standards and diverse entrepreneurial perspectives catalyzed AEBISS’s pursuit of continuous growth.

This international endeavor reinforced AEBISS’s commitment to excellence and innovation, showcasing the company’s readiness to compete and collaborate on a global level. The experience gained from StartHack-Switzerland laid a foundation for AEBISS to further expand its horizons and contribute meaningfully to the international entrepreneurial community.

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