TempGuard is a GSM-based device designed & developed exclusively for Pharmacies and Cold Storage Facilities for temperature monitoring and alerting when things of the limits. Our hardware-software solution eases the process of logging temperatures and alerts you when an anomaly is detected

Temperature sensor
3D-Printed cover to protect the circuitry
Long wire for convinence

Set temperature ranges  remotely through our easy to use dashboard

Notification when temperature falls out of range by phone call, SMS notification and e-mail

Back-up battery that lasts for 1 month to facilitate uninterrupted operation

User-friendly dashboard to monitor and interact with all your devices in real-time

Equipped with GSM Sim card so the device can work in any place

Download data from your device for any duration via our dashboard in popular formats such as excel

High-quality water and moisture resistant stainless steel tube Encapsulation to prevent rust

Can be interfaced with different types of sensors, making it one-stop solution for all your sensing applications


IoT device using a microcontroller and sensor to precisely detect temperature ranging from -55 degrees to 125 degrees


Full digitized dashboard revealing real-time temperature information and historical data


Data recording are more accurate and real-time with only 1% error rate

Price Effective

TempGaurd is one of the cheapest devices in the Gulf region and one of the lowest prices globally

TempGuard First And Biggest Client (2017)

TempGuard is implemented in more than 20 clinics under Ministry of Health in U.A.E for monitoring temperature of their refrigerators and alerting if the temperature goes above 8°C or below 2°C

Oct. 2017 Launched Project
We received the contract to develop and supply TempGuard

Hardware and software developed

Setting up assembling and infrastructure

Feb. 2018 Major Contract Signed
Contract with MoH signed and implemented 19 units

Dec. 2018 Award Won
Progress report submitted and TempGuard won the most innovatice health tech operational solution for MoH

May 2019 Recontract and New Purchase
Signed additional 21 units (40 in total) and signed AMC for 19 previous units

Discussing to contract 300 units for 1 hospital then rolling out 1000+ units in the UAE